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Some minds are more complex than others. We believe that seeing and understanding the complexity gives those minds a chance to thrive... And all minds deserve to thrive.

Whether you’re a parent, social worker/case worker or an adult seeking psychological assessment and testing services, we are well-versed in guiding people through the assessment process. We also work in tandem with treatment providers and academic institutions to ensure that the results of the testing we provide are interpreted and integrated with a vision for optimal success.


About our Services

MindSights offers a wide array of psychological testing, assessment, and consultation services. We aim to help young people and/or their families gain a much more robust and practical understanding of the unique ways in which any neurodevelopmental, cognitive...

Psychological Assesment

 A psychological assessment (also called a psychological evaluation) is one of many ways to learn about a person. Client-centered and individually-tailored, these assessments go beyond just identifying a specific disorder or disability. Utilizing scientifically-grounded...

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