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Contact Form (for Child Welfare Workers)

Please Note: Over the past few months, the demand for our services has been far, far higher than we anticipated or planned for. We are honored by the appreciation and by the trust folks place with us. At the same time, our waiting list is now of such a length that we feel it would be inappropriate to ask kids, families, or caseworkers to wait that long for services they need now. Therefore, we have had to temporarily close our practice to new service requests, and we strongly encourage you to explore the possibility of working with another psychological provider in the community. We are actively expanding, and will be able to begin accepting new referrals/service requests in January, 2018. We look forward to being able to work with you on future cases. When we are accepting new referrals, the form will be available/viewable on this page.

At MindSights, we understand that families involved with the Child Welfare agency have usually faced challenges, barriers, and life experiences very different from those of many families. We also understand how things like maltreatment, the stressors associated with financial insecurity, substance abuse, and domestic instability can affect a child’s development and adjustment. These effects can be both profound and complex, but we believe better outcomes are achieved when caseworkers, families, foster parents, educators, and therapists all have a good understanding of a child’s unique complexity.