MindSights offers a wide array of psychological testing, assessment, and consultation services. We aim to help young people and/or their families gain a much more robust and practical understanding of the unique ways in which any neurodevelopmental, cognitive, emotional, and/or behavioral differences affect a specific individual’s adjustment, adaptation, success, and comfort in the world.

Although we certainly assist with clarifying which, if any, diagnosis best describes the challenges affecting an individual’s life, one of our central goals is to go beyond diagnosis alone. Instead, we work to help develop solutions based on a more complex understanding of the young person’s developmental and psychological worlds.

What we do: Some of the conditions or issues we help people identify, understand, and plan for include the following:

  • Intellectual/academic giftedness, along with the educational and emotional implications thereof.
  • School readiness.
  • Learning disabilities and learning challenges (such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia), along with accommodations/services to facilitate success.
  • Person-specific strengths and challenges associated with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders (ADHD).
  • Processing speed disorders, nonverbal learning disorders, and other concerns that may be “invisible” to the casual observer.
  • The unique psychological, neurodevelopmental, learning, and emotional issues associated with Autism-spectrum disorders.
  • Complicated experiences of psychological trauma and its developmental impact.
  • Complex situations in which a young person may be affected by multiple emotional and/or neurodevelopmental conditions, and for whom treatment has become difficult to plan.
  • Various developmental disabilities and the unique needs they create for the child.
  • Assessments in which many of the preceding issues need to be considered.

What we don’t do: There are some psychological assessment services we don’t provide. For example:

  • We do not provide Custody Evaluations or related assessments for family-court proceedings. For such needs, we strongly recommend you consult with a psychologist who specializes in these evaluations.
  • We don’t provide specific forensic evaluations, such as determining legal competency in criminal or delinquency cases.
  • We do not provide medically-focused Neuropsychological Evaluations. If you need to better understand things like the cognitive effects of concussion or other head trauma, the psychological impact of certain medical treatments, or the developmental effects of a metabolic disorder, then we recommend you work with a board-certified neuropsychologist.