Are you or your child are experiencing a mental health emergency?

Providing Insight into Young Minds.

MindSights is a psychological assessment clinic that provides high-quality, individualized, client-centered, comprehensive evaluation services for youth up to 17.

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For Parents and Guardians

If you are a parent looking to refer you child for psychological assessment options, we can help!

For Child Welfare Workers

If you are looking for services for a child in the Foster Care System, click here.

For Health Care Providers

For Health Care Providers looking to refer a client for psychological assessment options.

Every Mind is Unique.

We believe that gaining insight into a young person’s mind can help them flourish and thrive in both their everyday lives and in their future.
Welcome to MindSights.

We welcome young people and families from any gender identity or expression, race, culture, ethnicity, size, class, ability level, religion, sexual orientation, and nationality. We understand that family and parents have different meanings for many and we welcome the many forms of family at our clinic.

Making a Difference Through Psychological Assessment. 

A psychological evaluation goes beyond identifying a diagnosis, disorder, or disability. The goal of a psychological assessment is to gain a richer and deeper understanding of how a young person thinks, relates, feels, learns, behaves, and processes information so that they can succeed and flourish in their everyday lives and in their futures.

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What’s New at Mindsights?

Status of New Service Requests

Due to limitations on clinical staffing, we currently have a long queue of service requests and a few months’ wait time for appointments.

Mission & Values

At MindSights, our goals are to help parents, teachers, professionals, and young clients understand the strategies that will allow them to do well.

Join MindSights to make a difference in children's lives, while living and working in beautiful Oregon.

Make an Impact

Working at MindSights, you will have a direct impact on the lives of vulnerable children and adolescents through psychological testing, evaluation and consultation, integrating the best science with compassionate practice.