I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York (SUNY). During my time in this program and throughout my academic and research experiences, the focus of my work has broadly been with psychological assessment (e.g., computerized adaptive assessment, exploring how we may improve psychometric properties of various forms of assessment, exploring how to assess self-destructive tendencies and behaviors in a meaningful and therapeutic way, and providing comprehensive personality, cognitive and achievement testing to individuals seeking better understanding of their experiences). Prior to joining MindSights, I completed my predoctoral internship at Pacific Psychology & Comprehensive Clinic in Portland OR. I completed my post-doctoral residency providing psychological services for undergraduate students at Reed College, also here in Portland.

In addition to specializing in complex comprehensive assessments, and integration of both objective and projective methodologies when fitting, I am proud to both be an advocate and have specialization in working with individuals who identify as LGBTQA+. I have worked with a wide range of individuals for testing services, and have greatly enjoyed my work thus far with children and adolescents. I have also been fortunate to have experiences providing brief and long-term therapy to individuals across a diverse range of settings (e.g., community mental health, inpatient, residential, state hospital, and outpatient private practice).  Altogether, my experiences have led me to value providing psychological assessments from an empathic, therapeutic lens, with a focus on the gestalt of an individual’s experiences currently and historically.

I believe each of us are trying our best to succeed and adapt in our environments and with the tasks we are faced with. My goal and sincere intention with patients, is to gather data to provide a deeper understanding of comprehensive strengths and resiliencies, to pinpoint aspects of their experience they may need greater support with; and to offer suggestions congruent with their goals, path and experiences thus far, and potential future endeavors. I value fostering a strong therapeutic alliance with those I work with. Providing a warm, safe, respectful, friendly environment for test takers and those closely involved in the process is of paramount importance. I greatly value getting to be part of the team at MindSights, and having opportunities to collaborate with such assessment-savvy colleagues who equally value the importance of this work and the benefits it can have for those seeking services here.

Office Phone: 503-222-0707, ext 2652
Direct: 971-407-3318
Email: rhyver.rudick@mindsightspdx.com


Licensed Psychologist
Oregon License #2809


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology; Bachelor of Arts, Sociology
California State University, Chico
Chico, CA

Master of Science, Clinical Psychology
Pacific University
Forest Grove, Oregon

Doctor of Philosophy, Clinical Psychology
University at Buffalo, State University of New York (SUNY)
Buffalo, NY