Thank you for thinking of us!  But we have what may be some frustrating news…

MindSights has recently been informed that the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is interpreting  Administrative Medical Examinations as subject to significant limitations in service hours. We have realized that these service limitations will impair our ability to provide Psychological Evaluations that meet the standards for quality and comprehensiveness we have worked hard to develop.

For the time being, we have therefore had to close the practice to any new referrals of children affected by foster care under the Administrative Medical Examination system. This moratorium affects referrals for: “Best Interests” Assessments, Child-Parent Relationship Assessments, Sibling Relationship Assessments, evaluations to determine eligibility for Developmental Disabilities Services, and other evaluations used to inform Child Welfare case-planning and permanency decisions.

We hope to collaborate with both OHA and DHS to resolve the barriers-to-care. We also hope this moratorium on services to Child Welfare-involved children and families will be temporary. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to predict how long this moratorium on new referrals will last.

Unless otherwise prohibited from doing so, MindSights does intend to complete all services to and on behalf of Child Welfare-involved children whose Psychological Evaluations are already in-process. We also intend to provide requested/authorized Psychological Evaluation services to and on behalf of those Child Welfare-involved children for whom we received all referral materials prior to Thursday, January 23, 2020.

The following services to Child Welfare-involved children are not affected by this moratorium:

  • The RAPID assessment program for children entering foster care in Multnomah County. The current eligibility and referral processes for the RAPID program will continue as-usual.
  • Psychological Testing/Evaluation services to children who are referred/authorized through the Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) coordinating that child’s health care coverage. Per health plan rules, CCO-funded Psychological Evaluation services must be specifically for the purposes of clarifying behavioral health diagnosis and/or informing behavioral health treatment planning. CCOs generally do not authorize or fund Psychological Evaluations for the purposes of Dependency Court decision-making, for assistance with permanency planning, for identifying strengths and needs in a child-caregiver relationship, or for identifying Developmental Disabilities Services eligibility. Please contact your child client’s CCO directly for details about how services can be arranged through the health plan, and for information about which services are and are not covered.