“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is
more important than any other.” ­ Abraham Lincoln

Important Notice! 
Although we have worked hard to keep our rates stable year to year, due to rising costs we will be raising them this year. Effective July 1, 2019, our hourly rate for psychological services will increase to $255. Any clients who have initiated a service request and scheduled services prior to July 1 (even if those services do not actually occur until after July 1) will be ‘grandfathered’ under our current rate schedule; services requested on or after July 1 will be billed at this new hourly rate.

If you’re planning to attend or currently enrolled in college and seeking to understand your education and learning needs, psychological assessment and testing can be an appropriate first step. If you decide to pursue assessment and testing, we’ll work with you to gain a better sense of how your mind works in­ the ­moment. The primary goal is to help people better understand your needs and appreciate your psychological strengths. If you have not visited the About Our Services section of this site, please do so. The decision to pursue psychological testing and assessment can be a complicated one. We hope the information on this site is helpful as you decide whether or not to work with us for this service, but we are here if you have additional questions. You are invited to contact us via email, and/or to schedule a brief phone consultation with one of our psychologists if you have additional questions.

If you decide to move ahead with the process, please contact us by using the contact form on this page or by calling our Office Manager at 503.222.0707. We will get back to you as soon as possible to answer questions, to share additional information, and to start the scheduling process.

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