At MindSights, we understand that families involved with the Child Welfare agency have usually faced challenges, barriers, and life experiences very different from those of many families. We also understand how things like maltreatment, the stressors associated with financial insecurity, substance abuse, and domestic instability can affect a child’s development and adjustment. These effects can be both profound and complex, but we believe better outcomes are achieved when caseworkers, families, foster parents, educators, and therapists all have a good understanding of a child’s unique complexity.

Our Child Welfare Assessment Services program is grounded on the idea that early identification and early intervention provide the best chance for kids entering the care of the state. We also appreciate that the effectiveness of supports, interventions, and services need to be monitored, and recalibrated when necessary. And sometimes situations are so complex, or kids have so much going on in their lives, that intensive assessment is needed in order to get a handle on things. We are currently serving children and youth 2 through 17 years of age. We also conduct bonding assessments to provide information about a child’s relationship with his/her caregiver(s) and/or to provide information about the relationship between siblings. In order to assess the specific relationships between children and caregivers or among siblings, we will need to observe the child’s interactions with these other individuals at our office, as part of the assessment. Regardless of the type or scope of the assessment, our core values include provision of high quality psychological assessment services as rapidly as possible.

If it has been identified that a child needs such services, we believe he or she should not have to wait months to receive them. Therefore, we will work directly with a child’s or adolescent’s primary caregiver to schedule appointments that fit with everyone’s calendars, and at the earliest possible date(s). We will also inform caseworkers of appointment dates/times, work with caseworkers’ availability when scheduling debriefing meetings, and send caseworkers appointment reminders for each meeting. To initiate a Service Request, please complete the Child Welfare Worker Contact Form below.

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