For Health Care Providers

Thank you so much for your interest in MindSights’ psychological evaluation services.

**If your client is a HealthShare/CareOregon member, please see note below before sending in a referral.

If you are a provider who wishes to refer one of your clients for a psychological evaluation at MindSights, please download and complete this Provider Referral Form (click here). It is fillable on your computer. Please email the completed form plus any relevant notes, evaluations, etc, to [email protected] or fax them to 503-764-9646. Thank you very much.

Please Note: We are open to new requests for our Portland, Hillsboro, and Bend locations, but due to limitations on clinical staffing, we are currently only taking on new clients who are ages 17 and under.  We also currently have a long queue of service requests and a few months’ wait time for appointments.  

** If your client’s insurance company is Health Share/CareOregon, they require an approved pre-authorization for psychological evaluations. In order for us to proceed with your referral, you will need to submit a pre-authorization request using HealthShare’s ‘Mental Health Treatment Authorization’ form via CIM or via their Fax (503-416-4720).  List the delivering provider listed as ‘MindSights’ or ‘Provider TBD’, noting MindSights as the preferred provider.  Please only submit your referral to MindSights AFTER you have an approved pre-authorization. If you have additional clinical questions, please feel free to call CareOregon’s utilization management line: 503-416-3404.