Mission & Values

The world can be a complicated place. It becomes even more complicated for the child, adolescent, or adult who experiences differences in information processing, learning, emotions, or relationships. But complicated doesn’t have to mean bad.

In the words of Ross Greene and Stuart Ablon:

“Kids do well if they can.”


Mindsights aims to provide high-quality, individualized, client-centered, comprehensive psychological assessment and evaluation services to youth ages 0 to 18 years old so that young can be better understood and thrive in their everyday lives.


Mindsights believes that ALL youth should have access to the same high quality, individualized, client-centered, and comprehensive psychological evaluation services regardless of their social privilege, socioeconomic status, and family’s ability to pay. Mindsights works especially hard and strives to ensure that historically-underserved and marginalized youth, especially those involved in the foster care system, have access to the same high quality of care as youth and families with greater economic resources and/or social privilege.


Mindsights believes in increasing  the accessibility of psychological assessment services to young people and their families in the state of Oregon and beyond. In order to do so, Mindsights has locations in three counties and intentionally focuses on training and developing the next generation of psychologists through our post-doctoral residency program.

Mindsights believes in using the most up-to-date psychological assessments and being informed by the most current psychological scientific research throughout the evaluation process.

Mindsights values and believes in transparency. Mindsights strongly believes that psychological assessments can be a very useful tool in helping young people thrive, but we also acknowledge that there is an ugly history to psychological evaluations and diagnoses where people have been unfortunately marginalized and othered. Though our society and psychological practices have made significant progress over time,  we still acknowledge the current limit limitations of the field — specifically, psychological tests are normed on Euro-Centric, Western Values and sometimes do not accurately represent the culturally rich and diverse young people we serve. Even with these limitations, our clinicians at MindSights make every effort to take into account a child’s unique identities, background, culture, and context, and are transparent when there are limitations to the conclusions that are made.